GIS Lightning Round

Like last year, we’d like to pre-schedule a GIS workshop, a “lightning round,” that focuses on the new graduate and undergraduate certificate programs at UCF and some of the humanities- and social sciences-oriented work being produced by faculty and students. This would mimic the Digital Project LightningRound sessions held at THATCamp and the American Historical Association annual meetings, with 3-minute presentations followed (if time allows) by questions and informal discussion.

The Session has been planned for 1:30. To get on the schedule contact Dr. Tiffany Early-Spadoni at ude.f1550388391cu@in1550388391odapS1550388391-yelr1550388391aE.yn1550388391affiT1550388391

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I am a graduate student in the History department at the University of Central Florida studying the Civil War and Civil War memory.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Tyler! Looking forward to another good event this year.

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